Monthly Archives: April 2013

The car is born…..

Well April 26th, 2013 a car is born with my name on it.  At least according to the dealer today is the day she rolls off the line.  Are next gate is the ship, which I should get confirmation of soon as it leaves.  I really think they should allow you to track this stuff on a website somewhere, I think it would really cool and a great customer experience.  So we are down to 20 days until its arrival, the dealer said that there is a chance it could be sooner and we will not know until it starts its traveling around the world, and hits checkpoints.  First will be the loading on the ship, next will be arrival here in the states, then it boards a train, etc.  I will keep you all posted.  I do hope that this helps others that have cars on order of time frames etc.  Though it does seem like this is taking a little longer then normal.

Houston, We have an update!

Well received a call from the dealership today. Subaru updated the order, we now have a VIN, build date, and possible delivery date. So this is good news given on Tuesday I talked to the dealer and was told that it could take another 6 or more weeks. So day I was told the car is to be built on April 26th, and should be loaded on a boat soon after. Fuji Heavy Industries builds Subarus, most of the vehicles in the USA are made just north of Indianapolis, IN, however the Impreza is still made in Japan and shipped in. So it is pretty cool that the car is getting built on April 26th and it should arrive at the dealer on May 16th. And now the dealer thinks it could come early!! Now I am getting excited again. Stay tuned….

Coming in May

Well, it looks like the end of May will be when my new Subaru WRX STI finally arrives. Was really hoping for the 6 to 8 weeks instead of the 8 to 12 weeks, but it is the way it goes sometimes. On the bright side, gives me more time to increase the down payment. Also, have been looking through Tire Rack to find some Winter tires and track tires. My next post will have some more thoughts about possible tire option. Hopefully, maybe some of you might be able to give some feedback on tires. Until later, see ya.