The Car has Arrived!


What else can you say, but I am getting ahead of myself, lets backup a few.  so I pulled in to the dealer this evening and it was sitting in the lot with a crowd around it.  Salesman said people have been standing around it since it rolled off the truck.  It does look pretty cool sitting there, but had to go through the paperwork, sales pitches for addons, etc.  Finally, I get a chance to get into and get the official tour, started it up and the sound is absolutely awesome.  Did I mention that I have yet to even drive a Subaru Impreza, much less a WRX, and now I have a STI beast.  Not having driven stick in almost 20 years, I am just hoping I can make it out of the parking lot and: a) not kill it and b) not take off like a bat out of hell.  Needless to say, I pulled out with out any problems, and off to the first ride to take it home.

Initial Thoughts:  The car is very forgiving, it drives nice a little stiff at times, but that is expected.  You certainly get the idea quickly that this car is all about performance and not about gadgets, like a lot of newer cars.  Though it has all your standard features you would expect, but overall, if I did not upgrade to the Nav System, not a lot of fluff here.  Speaking of the Nav System, I also upgraded/add the factory subwoofer, wow, I can figure the person that tune the system with the sub, must have been 17, because it was so over powering that I am thinking about pulling it out.  But I am sure there will be more posts on that.

Driving:  WOW! again WOW!  It really make driving fun again, it is not like you have to power your way down the road, but when you want to, click to sport and hold on.  This car really knows now to put the power to the pavement, all grip.  Sorry for the loss of words here, still trying to find the best way to describe it, besides WOW.