The car is born…..

Well April 26th, 2013 a car is born with my name on it.  At least according to the dealer today is the day she rolls off the line.  Are next gate is the ship, which I should get confirmation of soon as it leaves.  I really think they should allow you to track this stuff on a website somewhere, I think it would really cool and a great customer experience.  So we are down to 20 days until its arrival, the dealer said that there is a chance it could be sooner and we will not know until it starts its traveling around the world, and hits checkpoints.  First will be the loading on the ship, next will be arrival here in the states, then it boards a train, etc.  I will keep you all posted.  I do hope that this helps others that have cars on order of time frames etc.  Though it does seem like this is taking a little longer then normal.